Quinn Morrighan Storm
Contact Information
+1.702.550.2984 +1.702.550.2984
rtmf@beautifulsunrise.org rtmf@beautifulsunrise.org
quinn@tymestl.org quinn@tymestl.org
livinglatexkali@gmail.com livinglatexkali@gmail.com
Core Competencies
Project Management Project Management
Systems Administration Systems Administration
Software Development Software Development
Networking Networking
IT Support IT Support
Community Management Community Management
Hardware Engineering Hardware Engineering
Python Python
C, C++, Objective-C C, C++, Objective-C
Bash, ZSH, sed, awk, grep, etc. Bash, ZSH, sed, awk, grep, etc.
Java Java
Javascript, JQuery, Node Javascript, JQuery, Node
Software Packages
GDB, Valgrind, strace GDB, Valgrind, strace
CVS, SVN, GIT, Gitlab CVS, SVN, GIT, Gitlab
Apache Apache
Postfix, Dovecot, Cyrus Postfix, Dovecot, Cyrus
OpenVPN, StrongSwan OpenVPN, StrongSwan
Systemd Systemd
APT, dpkg, pacman, makepkg APT, dpkg, pacman, makepkg
Autotools Autotools
Beautiful Sunrise Solutions — Founder
December, 2013 — Present
Under this name, I have begun building a business centered around F/OSS consulting, seeking to offer comprehensive services as a true generalist.
So far, my clients have included tasks ranging from Dev/Ops for growing e-commerce site written in django, java for android for a telepresence robot, migrating a microfactory from windows to linux and more.
Robots Everywhere — Minion
November, 2012 — Present
Electronic design, prototyping, and assembly (Analog/audio and digital), PCB layout
Micro-controller hardware design and software development (MSP430, Arduino, Propeller)
3D printer maintenance and operation, Android software in Java, Linux/Windows Desktop Software in C with GTK
Custom software integration including hardware support and implementation of reverse engineered protocols
Concordia Collective — Co-Founder
October, 2009 — Present
Bluepulse — Production Engineer
July, 2008 — October, 2008
Linux system administration on Ubuntu
General IT work, set up office wireless network, set up Ubuntu desktop machines, etc.
Tool development in Bash/sed/AWK/grep for general systems administration and infrastructure
Everex — F/OSS Advocate
November, 2007 — April, 2008
Created Linux drivers in C to support wifi hardware from x86 disassembly alone
Custom integration and systems deployment for Linux-based netbook product, one of the first to sell in Wal*Mart
VMware — Software Engineer
July, 2007 — October, 2007
Build and install system development in C, Perl, Bash
Internal development infrastructure tools creation support and integration
Beryl — BDFL
May, 2006 — April, 2007
Managed an international team of open source software developers via IRC, e-mail and XMPP
Created the modular Emerald window decorator and accompanying Emerald Theme Manager frontend
Created configuration architecture library libberylsettings and autogenerated frontend application//
Created and maintained Debian style APT repositories containing Ubuntu packages, with automated package generation scripts
Hosted and managed development infrastructure, including source control through CVS, SVN and GIT and custom tools
Read each new post on the Beryl forums and replied to over 90% of them personally to provide individual support